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May 28, 2009

You'll Never Guess This Thursday!

You'll NEVER Guess this! Or, will you? There have been some clever guesses around here the last few weeks so let's see what you can do with this one...

Congratulations to ArcadeDweller for guessing last week's mystery picture.
Her guess? Eyebrows!
Blown up this really could pass as a nose as so many thought.

Here is the real picture of my dd and her little bff from preschool in her pink glasses! Katelyn came home one day and decided she wanted to start wearing my prescription glasses. I did not know why until a few days later when I saw her bff wearing hers. Cute huh?...


  1. Ok, My guess IIISSS... A Power line running through the middle with a walk way or bridge with lights. :0)
    You know I thought the last one might be eyebrows cause of the few sprigs of hair going through it. lol

  2. It looks like a bridge to me. But I have been wrong before. Maybe a draw bridge?

  3. The inside of a music box?

  4. looking at it again, it looks like a cruise ship. This is a hard one.

  5. Hmm, good one. Is it a weaving loom?

  6. One more guess...keys on a musical instrument.

  7. Looks like a bridge & power line to me.

  8. Looking back at other's comments: I agree with Arcade Dweller...I first thought of a music box, too...but the line in front (and it looks like lights there, too) makes me think it's a bridge.

  9. I'm not sure of teh exact name, but the thing they gave you in the old days when you developed pics- a b/w film negative? btw, love your background and blog, There is a BLOG award with YOUR name on it over on my blog - come and get it!

    KateB (a/k/a Kat)

  10. It looks like some kind of a pier to me.

  11. My first guess was a zipper.

  12. The roof line of a porch? Purgala? I think that is what it is called.

  13. Inside a computer where the expansion ports are on the back side?

    Good one Deb!

  14. I'm going to guess that it's the edge of an awning? It totally reminds me of the inside of the toy piano I had when I was a kid. I loved taking that thing apart!

    Love your blog! Trying to figure out how to subscribe to its feed. :)

  15. Oh Deb, you're leaving me hangin'! I"m dying to know what this is! LOL


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