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May 19, 2009

Take Two TwoZday

You know what today is right? Take Two Pictures day!!! I have been outside this morning with my camera and found some things I don't normally stop to take a look at. Here is my take on Youth and Mature. What's yours? Show me and I will put it up here on If It's Groovy for others to share in :)

Take One: Youth
Just look how little these pine cones are! I see lots of little Christmas crafts in their future!

Take Two: Mature


  1. I love watching the little pine cones grow! I is very interesting! I will have to get out my camera and snap some pictures today.

  2. I use pinecones every year in my class room. You can take a pine cone and put peanut butter all over it and then shake it in a bag of birdseed and make a bird feeder. Nice pics

  3. You know I have one of those bird feeders on my tree right now. I need to coat it in peanut butter and bird seed again. My dd made it in preschool and the birds loved it!!!

  4. Very cool pictures! I love seeing the sun shining through the pine needles!

  5. Oh very fun...I love making the bird feeders out of the bigger pine cones. XoXo Niki_Ray


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