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May 20, 2009

Where'd Ya Go Wednesday

So another week has passed us by and as time seems to do the week has flown by. Where did you go this week? Did you have some fun? take a vacation? hang out with friends? I was so lucky to experience two things that rocked my world! First of all my oldest daughter was in a play called "No More Raisins, No More Almonds". Here she is in the play(the girl in the shawl).

The play is about the children who grew up in the Nazi ghetto during Holocaust. Search for it and see if a group is putting this on in your area. It is very worth seeing. It was incredibly moving and sad to see this presentation, but vital to history. They performed this play at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. The writer was Holocaust survivor and educator Batia Bettman who was there from Canada to answer questions about her life. My daughter did a fantastic job in her role which was based on Mrs. Bettman's life. All of the kids were phenomenal. They worked so hard this year to learn each of the songs in Yiddish and their lines were flawless. I'm a proud momma!

Here is part of a the newspaper interview that was given to my daughter...

Real-life drama on stage
Imagine your life today being turned upside down, not because of anything you’ve done wrong, but because of prejudice against your nationality or your religion. An emblem is required on your shirt-sleeve to identify you. You are forced from your home, robbed of your possessions, separated from your family and herded into ghettos. Starvation and disease are rampant, as are rumors of unimaginable horrors beyond the confines of the ghetto. How would you survive?

Eighth-grader Kristen(sic)praises Bettman and is excited to be performing in the musical. “I think it was amazing that she went through all that and survived and came out of it and shared her story with us,” she said. The play has taught the students to be resilient. “If you’re going through tough times, don’t lose your hope, keep your faith,” said Kristen(sic).

And the infamous Mrs. Bettman:

I also had the pleasure of spending some time with my pre-school daughter in her classroom as they had Muffins for Mom to celebrate Mother's Day. The kids gave us little plates they made with their handprints and they spngepainted them. Crafters in the making! It is a cute little reminder of how fast their little hands grow. Now you go!


  1. Wow, what a moving experience that must have been! I always was intrigued and saddened by The Diary of Anne Frank. No matter how many times I read it and tried so hard to take away hope it still made me cry...

    Congratulations to your daughter for being in such a deeply profound experience.

  2. HHmmmm.. where did I go. The truth is I got up took my dd to school, then to eat breakfast at the diner, off to work and then home. Now I am trying my hardest to stay home. :0)

  3. Oh cool plays are fun. I went to Jacksonville Fl. this week in hopes to find a home. No such luck. So maybe we will stay put here in KY. or maybe Tennesse now that was a beautiful drive :) XoXo NR

  4. your dd looks like she had an awesome time in the play. Glad that you could make it to your Muffins For Moms day. I couldn't go to mine cause of work :( I went last year though.

    I went to Georgia for MD and then just worked. Did get me a 50" screen HDTV Plasma though ;) Bought it for myself for MD :D


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