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November 23, 2010

Scrapbooking Tough Subjects

I often times would like to go back and scrapbook pictures from previous relationships and know how hard that can be. I think Darlene has shown us a wonderful way this month to overcome another subject that could have been hard. Read on and take notice of the ruffle matching her mother's dress! It is so awesome!

Although my Mom and Dad are now separated, they did get married back in the 80's and stayed together for over 16 years. I felt that it was my duty to document what once was between them. I didn't know exactly how to title this layout as it wouldn't have fit under another more romantic phrase such as "I thee wed" or "happily ever after" so I went simple and decided on a safe title, with no implications, "just married."
I tried to use a romantic color scheme but not too frilly and this is what I came up with. I used scraps of paper from my "surmount" graduation layout (last month's Dictionary Challenge), and for that added something, I pleated silky ribbon, with added pearls to cover the stitching in the center, and handmade silky ribbon roses. I used a handmade hat pin that a friend had given me as another element of pizazz. The swirly dots on the bottom left corner are actually on transparency paper and made by another friend with, I think, nail polish (my friend used an existing rhinestone bling to trace onto the transparency paper the swirl design) from which I closely trimmed the excess transparency from. I think I am rather fond of the contemporary romantic feel of the patterns and colors, and also, the positive memories it brings me to look at these photos and have a reminder of a happy time in my parents marriage.

I hope this inspires you to scrapbook a memory that you no longer find relevant today, but perhaps one day, you can look back and smile at what once was.


  1. It is LOVELY!!! That ruffled ribbon really makes this page! How awesome!!

  2. Beautiful layout and good for you for being able to set aside those ad feelings to create a layout about the love your parents once had! :0)

  3. Thanks for sharing a layout of such a tender subject. I have often wondered about tough subjects myself.


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