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March 25, 2010

Meet Kelly Pieces & Parts Designer R U Next???

Have you met Kelly? She is my latest Happy Mail Recipient of Pieces and Parts fact here is what I sent to her all by Paper Crush:

I thought it was cute when I read what she said after opening her happy mail "These pieces actually were perfect for these photos of my little rock star strumming away on the Camp Rock toy guitar she got for Christmas."

So here is what she made after saying that:

She had plenty of goodies to work with so let me show you project #2 and her description
"Project #2: Easter card. I dropped a bit of red, pink, and blue acrylic paint on the edge of the paper and pulled a squeegee (is that how you spell it?, like you use to clean your windows) through it. My pink paint was a little old and clumpy...which actually made a cool pattern."

And #3 Busy girl huh?
"Project #3: Oversize (8x8) birthday card: Used that squeegee trick again to color the paper. Inked the edges with pink. Chalked the letters of "birthday"."

Then there is Project #4!!! An even busier girl!
"#4: Friendship card: I embossed the paper using the Big Shot. I punched small circles (from all of the tag pieces) to make the flower petals."

Now that we have seen THE ART let's find out more about THE ARTIST and see what she said when I asked her what makes her a groovy chick ")

Why am I "groovy"?

G is for "go to" I am the "go to" for my family and friends (and at work and at my kids' school) for all things creative and crafty.

R is for "resourceful" I love to re-use objects and create something new.

O is for "outrageous" Ok, maybe I'm not too outrageous. But, I do like to push my self into trying new projects.

O is for "oodles" I have "oodles" of art and craft supplies at home. Yes, I am a saver. I have been told that my basement craft "dungeon" looks like a store. Need pipe cleaners? What color do you want? Need popsicle sticks? What size do you want? Need styrofoam? What shape do you want? Need stickers? What are you celebrating? Get the idea?

V is for "very creative". Whether it's thinking of a project for the school auction, or for Children's Liturgy of the Word at church, or for a Early Childhood motor group at work, or re-arranging the art work on my walls at home, or thinking of a scrapbook layout...I will admit I don't need to think real hard or real long. Creativity comes very easy to me and for that I feel truly blessed.

Y is for "yes". Yes, I tend to say "yes" too often. It has been known to get me into an overwhelming project, but...I'm never bored!

And that is why "I'm groovy".

Thank you so much for letting me be your P and P designer. It was challenging and GROOVY!


Leave some luv here for Kelly and YOU may be the next P&P Designer too! It really is so much fun to see what you create with leftovers :) Thanks to Kelly.


  1. terrific job, Kelly!!!! lovin' all your creations!!!!

  2. she did an excellent job!!! I had so much fun doing mine!!!

  3. great job kelly,love all you did with the parts and pieces

  4. wow how cute! very good job kelly!

  5. Love what you have put together Kelly - four great projects!!! You definitely sound like a GROOVY crafter.

    And what a great idea Deborah - love how you are sending out P&P kits to stretch the creative juices :)

    ...don't include me in the draw to be your next P&P designer, I just love dropping by and looking at the lovely creations!

  6. oops - the message was from TracyM #6773, a fellow Fiskateer :)

  7. awesome job!!

    Becky #7047

  8. Love all your creations Kelly! Awesome job! :)

  9. WOW, what wonderful creations! They are all great!!

    Renee #6698

  10. WOW Kelly you rocked the supplies sent to you. I love this idea and would love to be picked. I sent you a message on ning also.

  11. Super Job Kelly! I'd love to do a P&P project! : ]

  12. These are great papercrafting and scrapbooking items that you came up with your happy mail package.

    You go, Girl!!!

  13. These projects are so great. I love this idea. I would do it

  14. Very cool. Great idea too!

  15. Wow, Those are some great LO's and cards!!

  16. oh me oh my, i love them all, but ESPECIALLY the friendship card!!!!

  17. Well done! Very cute projects Kelly!

  18. What an awesome job she did! If that arrived in my mailbox i'd run for the hills screaming too much pink lol.

  19. Kelly is SOOOOO talented!! Donna #6036

  20. Great projects you made and how fun to get goodies to create something with.

  21. Love, love, love them all...VERY creative use of the product and the designs turned out fabulous!

  22. Congrats Deb!! Love you work!! So inspirational!! Creative Snaps to you!! Snap Snap Snap!!

  23. Your projects are great Kelly! I too love the challenge of creating from scraps given to me. I really like the paint and drag effect and will have to try that soon. I bet no one in your house is allowed to throw or recycle anything without your approval. It's that way here and I love it!

  24. Great job, Kelly. You had a lot of beautiful things to use and did so a wonderful job using them. The friendship card is my favorite.


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