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March 26, 2010

Treasure Hunting in the Bedroom/Bathroom

Per Kathy our resident Repurp Guru:

The bedroom and bathroom are our comfort zones, a place of rest and relief from our everyday busy lives. A typical person spends 40 percent of his or her daily time sleeping and taking care of personal hygiene. So whether it’s enjoying a bubble bath or taking a cat nap, time in these two rooms can be well spent looking for groovy scrapbook items for a future layout.

Bandages Dominos Product Packaging

Bobby Pins Extra Buttons Puzzle Pieces

Broken barrettes Makeup Applicators Rhinestones and crystals

Broken Mirror Shards Nail polish Safety Pins

Broken Watches Nail decals Shoelaces

Children’s Art Old compacts Small Toys

Clothing Labels Old Jewelry Terry cloth remnants

Coloring Books Old Jewelry Boxes Board game piece

Cotton Balls and Swaps Playing Cards Handkerchiefs

Dental Floss Potpourri

Here are a few of her examples and more tips following from her theme this month, but be sure to head over to our NING Repurpose Group to see more creations :)


Faux Chalk. In a pinch, use powered eyeshadow for chalk. Brush or spray lightly with rubbing alcohol to intensify the colors.

Need a dab of paint? Use nailpolish.

Texturizing Cardstock. Drag a comb in patterns through wet paint on cardstock to create textured cardstock. Use for background, borders, mat, frames or tags.

Splatter Painting. Apply paint to an old toothbrush and run your thumb across the brush for a paint-splattered effect on paper.

Shaving Cream Painting. Put a thin layer of foam shaving cream on a paper plate and add drops of acrylic paint or reinker drops on top. Use a toothpick to swirl the paint or ink lightly to create a marbleized effect in the foam. Press the cardstock facedown into mixture. Wipe off excess foam with a paper towel in one stroke and allow it to dry.

We can’t wait to see what you find in your bedroom and bathroom. Don’t forget to share your groovy creations with us.

And next month we are headed to the Home Office for some more Treasure hunting. I hope you’ll join us!

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