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July 09, 2010

ALPHAbets with Jami Lynn

Our Father in Heaven has many names, not to mention ALPHA which ties into our theme this month of Alphabet Overload. Two different subjects yes, and two that I love :) I am so happy to bring this lo to you created by our one and only Jami Lynn. I know you will appreciate this one too!

And from Jami Lynn:

I think it's pretty clear where the inspiration for my alphabet overload LO came from, but unless you are one of a handful of people in my innermost circle,
you wouldn't know why...well, until now anyway. Ever since childhood, (which is as far back as I can remember), I have desired a relationship with God.
I always knew he was there, but I never really felt like he was with me. Not until a couple of months ago anyway.

I was sitting at the computer when a prayer request came to me from one of my friends--Groovy Deb--for her father who was in the hospital.
I hadn't been one to pray all that often and most times I'll admit I felt foolish, unsure of what to say and not even sure if God was listening when I did pray,
but I sincerely wanted him to hear me this time. So I decided to say a prayer and lift up her father's name and while I was doing that I came to the realization
that I too needed Jesus in my life. I broke down on the spot as tears began falling from my eyes and admitted that I didn't want to be alone anymore & that I wanted to know Him.
Suddenly out of nowhere this unbelievable calming presence came over me and a thought was brought to the forefront of my mind to get up and go into the next room and ask Paul,
(my soon-to-be-DH who is a Christian), to pray with me. Realizing that this must be the Lord speaking to me, trying to help me understand that I had been heard, I obeyed.
I went and told Paul what had just happened and asked him to read me some scriptures from his Bible about how to pray for forgiveness and salvation and how to accept Christ as my Savior.
Afterward, he said a prayer for me and then I prayed my own prayer of Salvation and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart.

The next day I woke up with this craving for Jesus that I've never had before. I decided to get myself a new bible. I picked out a NKJV Study Bible and a daily devotional to get started with.
I went to church a few days later for the first time in years and I've been going every Sunday ever since. I am to be Baptized this coming Sunday, June 27th.
My life has changed more in the last 2 months than it has in the last 2 or 3 years all due to nothing of my own doing except following His lead and obeying His Word.
It's so GREAT not to be without God anymore and I look forward to a lifetime of learning and serving Him.


  1. beautiful lo jami lynn!!!

  2. I love this LO, and love the praise you gave to God! Great colors and the fonts are wonderful!

  3. love the different fonts, love how the text goes behind the picture, and I love that cute little heart with, love, love


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