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July 11, 2010

A New Column with Deborah

If you notice there is a Mr. Linky questionaire at the top of this blog. What it allows you to do as a visitor is Ask Deborah a question and when you do it will allow me to come and visit your blog. Cool right? I look forward to you asking me anything on your mind and of course for a visit to your blog too!

The first question is coming from Natalie of Timesless Legacy Designs
and she wants to know "How do you take such awesome pictures of yourself? You know, turning the camera on yourself?"

Well, Natalie I myself have struggled with that one a lot, especially before digi cameras! I am not the most photogenic person I know so I have to prepare myself to gear up by making sure I have no mascara running down my face, or eye liner! Then I take advantage of my mirror and hold the camera at an angle where I can see me in the camera lens which is reflecting in the mirror. Then, hold still and SNAP! Hey it works, what can I say?

Good Luck!

Question number two comes from Darlene of Scrappy Go Lucky who wants to know "What are the easiest color combinations for you to scrap with? Hardest?"

By far the easiest colors for me are anything on the cool side of a color wheel, bright, sunny and cheery colors. I like being in places that show the happy side in pics so those colors make it easy for me to work with and I am drawn to the groovy aspect too :) Hardest for me are the colors we see in Fall. The warm reds, browns and golds are so depressing for me to work with. It reminds me that Spring and Summer are behind me and that makes it harder for me to work with.

Thanks for your questions!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm digging "Ask Deborah"!! How fun! I had to laugh out loud when you said fall colors were depressing! LOL


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