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August 05, 2010

15 Years in the Making

It is SO hard to believe how fast time passes. When I woke up this morning I immediately was taken back to 15 years ago, because today is the birthday of my first-born. I hardly can believe she is this much closer to being an adult so, like a few days ago when I shared her baby sister's birthday here...two days apart...what?!?! I would also like to share a moment from that special time back in 1995 :) This was the day we brought her home and our kitty, Allie Boo Boo, (we miss you Girl) had the chance to meet Kristen.

Happy Birthday Kristen, Momma Loves YOU!


  1. time flies, doesn't it??

    Happy Birthday Kristen!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Your mom hasn't aged a bit!


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