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October 29, 2010

Halloween Step Up Card

I recently made a Halloween card called a "Step Up" card and am sharing this today. I have to admit it was very challenging, but I am excited to give it to my daughter on Halloween this year! It has cuts in the middle of the card so peaks and valleys would be the technical term. I stamped little Halloween images from Fiskars stamps I have made by Heidi Grace and added real candy wrappers in the cauldron.
Be sure to Google "step up cards" and look for dimensions for making one of these cards and send me a shout if you have one to share :)

Happy Halloween Ghoulfriends!


  1. I will be googling this...I have no idea what it even means! But, whatever it is you did a great job! Your daughter will love it, I am sure!!

  2. Oh my this is a fantastic card...

  3. Wow, you put a lot of work into that card! That one is a keeper! I will have to see if they have any Christmas ones! Cool idea!


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