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December 19, 2010


Oh WOW! That is how I felt when I saw Heather's latest layout for us to see! Her word: PLETHORA

When we were instructed to "open the dictionary" for a layout, I was pretty interested!!! Not something you normally think about doing, but, aha, that is why it is called a challenge!

I picked the word "Plethora". Now, I know I have heard this word over the years. I must admit that I had always taken it to mean "a lot", which is basically accurate. But the definition that I liked best for plethora was "overabundance". Yes, I think I like that! I think I will scrap it! I will even scrap a page about ME for my BOM (Book of Me)!

The journaling says: "I am filled with a Plethora of . . . Silliness, Peace, Fun Times, Happiness, Love, Crazy Moments, Compassion, Faith, Laughter"

My little man, Jackson, took these pics of me being silly this summer out at the campgrounds. (He loves to be behind the camera like his momma!) I tore a page out of an old (honesty here) thesaraus. Hey, it was all I had that was from an old book that was yellowed and tattered and that came close to a dictionary! Of course, I gave it a little extra distressing!! You would expect no less, right! I then added some lace and a gorgeous prima flower and some bling! Not things I get to use a whole lot of but I sure love how it turned out!

I encourage you all to make sure that you are not always behind the camera and to take the opportunity to scrap yourself! There are many generations to come that would like to also know about YOU!!!!

Hope you enjoy! - Heather


  1. The borders and bling you used is so pretty! Love the fun pics too!

  2. What a great word! PLETHORA!!! Love it! Common word around our we have a plethora of many things!!


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