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December 18, 2010

Do You Know Guest Designer,Sandy?

I enjoyed a project created so much by Fiskateer friend Sandy, that I asked her to be our guest here at IIG today :) This is a good one just in time for the beautiful holidays ahead! Check out the very lofty goal she has set for 2011!!!

Let me introduce you now to Sandy with the questions I asked of her and the project I mentioned above. Be sure to visit her blog to say hello :)

Tell me all about the start of your art, How did your scrapbooking begin?
I began scrapbooking at a very young age. If you look in my scrapbooks from when I was 5 or 6, I was already writing in them about my party or gift. It's not a lot and rather hard to read, but Mom felt the stories in my scrapbooks should be mine, so I wrote some and she wrote some with me. The art side of my fun just came naturally when I started incorporating items of nature into my altered books, then came ink and the rest is history.

Do you have a stand-by element/paper line or tool that you must use when you scrap?

There isn't any one tool or element that I must use. I work very hard at stepping outside of my box and trying something different or from a different view. I do use a lot of chalk or ink because I love adding color to the edges. Sometimes it's distressing and sometimes it more of a cloudy look to just add color.

Do you have a favorite technique?

I actually have two favorites.

-I love using my stamps to create water color looking images. I don't use it a lot, but I do love the effect of coloring my stamp, spritzing with water, stamping, then spritzing again, stamping, and if I'm lucky, I'll get a third image from the stamp before I re-ink.

-I also love the effects of detailed masking. It's so cool to see a scene come alive just by using different stamps or stencils.

If you could not shop for one year...would your scrap space be emptied or would you still have product?

Funny you should ask. I don't plan to buy any consumable products during 2011. That includes paper. Not only will I still have product, but it's very possible I won't need to buy any adhesive during this next year, (or ink, or cardstock, or stamp cleaners, or paint, or, or, or...)

If you could make one outfit out of scrapbooking paper what line would it be from?

Hmmm. This is a tough question since my clothing style is not the same as my crafting style. I think Heidi Grace and Fancy Pants both capture some of the materials I might use to create blouses or vests, but my first choice (don't laugh) would probably be Bazzill. I love solid colors with accents and in the case of my current clothing the accents include ink and bleach spots, from a few, very fun, crafty sessions. My scarfs would be made from Anna Griffin, K & Company, or Wild Asparagus. My colors choices are black, red, gray, and white, but I seldom wear these the way I like because it is very warm here and layering, blazers, etc. just don't happen.

Can you tell something about yourself that others would be shocked to learn?

I love being alone. I do not like social gatherings and I would rather watch and not talk.

What makes you a Groovy Chick?

I say “Cool” and “Very Cool” a lot. Does that count?

Where can we visit you Groovy Chick?

This has been a teaching blog until now. I hope to start posting a little more often with tips, tricks, links, etc. Here is the address: Sandy :)


Snow Globe Cards


- Very sticky two sided adhesive. I like Thermoweb sheets, and spray adhesive works too.

White Cardstock

Cardstock for base card, cut 11” x 4 1/4”

Cardstock for creating sentiment (cut, punched, or using nestibilities or die cuts for shapes)

Crystal glitter, the largest flakes you can find.

Stamps to create scene

Stamp for sentiment

Pens to color the scene (or any bold coloring medium)

Tape runner for creating actual card


(I'm not used to creating a supply list. I usually just bring the supplies, so I hope this is complete)

1. Start with a circle the same as, or slightly less than, the width of your card. Because you will want a base on the snow globe, the card will always be a vertical card. Our circles for class today are 4” circles (with a 4 1/4” card), because it was convenient to use a die cut and that is what was available.

2. Cut both, a piece of white cardstock to stamp your globe scene on, and the sheet of adhesive, in same size circles. *See foot note.

3. Stamp scene on white cardstock circle and color with bold colors that will show through the glitter. Stamp your scene in a good detail black ink like Rangers Archival ink.

4. Peel one side of protective sheeting from your adhesive circle and adhere it to your stamped scene circle. Set aside.

5. Create your base for the snow globe. With the 4 inch circle we are using in class, a 2” x 4” piece works well. Add shape to your base by cutting angles on each side. Decorate your base with any stamped images or sentiments you prefer. Hold off on adhering anything with pop dots until after you've added the glitter.

6. Carefully peel back the bottom of the protective sheeting to expose just enough adhesive to attach your base. Lay the excess sheeting back down on any exposed adhesive and set aside.

7. To create the easel fold card. Cut cardstock 4 1/4” by 11”. Score at 5 1/2” and 2 3/4”. Fold both in the same direction. Set aside.

8. To create the base of the card that will hold your easel in place, you can use anything with dimension. In class, my samples have a sentiment stamped on card stock and trimmed with a reverse corner punch. I then layered this onto matting cardstock that is also punched with a reverse corner punch. The original cardstock (matting) is approximately 3” x 2”. You can work with almost any size you want, as long as it's not too tall and will hold the easel fold in place. I used pop dots under my sentiments to ensure a good hold but I have seen cards where they used items as small as brads to stand the easel up. When deciding how big to make your easel support piece, consider propping your easel at approximately the half way point.

9. From here, you can add the **glitter to the remaining exposed adhesive, or secure the scene to your card and then add the glitter. To secure the scene to your card, place the scene on the bottom 2 3/4” fold of your card and mark the back of your scene where the cardstock ends. Apply tape or glue to the back of your scene to your marked line and attach.

*Another option is to prepare your scene (keeping in mind the actual size of your circle), on a piece of cardstock larger than your intended circle. Cut only the adhesive circle. When your scene is ready, peel one side of the adhesive circle and carefully lay it over your scene, then cut around it. This ensures a perfect match up of edges, but it's a little harder to make sure your scene is centered since you are looking through the protective sheeting.

**It is important to use a large cut glitter for this card. If it is too fine, you will not see the scene through the glitter. I found this at Michael s in the children's craft section. Be sure it is crystal (the color) and not iridescent.


  1. OMG that's too Cute!! I'm going to need to try that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great card & tutorial. TFS! I also like Sandy's idea on not buying any consumables in the New Year. I could easily do this & still have left overs. Adhesive included as I just bought 2 cases of tape (one for each size gun) for my 3/4 & 1/4 ATG guns.

  3. GReat blog post! I loved hearing more about SAndy! What a cute card.

  4. Thanks for sharing Sandy, This card is a favorite of mine!!

  5. so cute. thanks for sharing Sandy

  6. Very cute! I might have to try this.

  7. Thank you everyone. Diane, I see a challenge coming on, but I'm pretty sure I'll slip up before my Mother heads back to Oregon. She is such an enabler.

  8. Adorable card!! Definitely going to try this one...thanks for sharing!!

  9. Love the card.
    Joan Fiskateer #808

    LISA SIMPSON #5095

  11. Loving the idea of not buying anything new in 2011 - I couldn't do it... You are a brave woman Sandy!! Donna Woods 6036

  12. such a cute card!!! :) and great post -- loved getting to know this crafty lady a bit.

  13. Sandy this is incredible and the technique is very cool! Love it

  14. beautiful card Sandy! thanks for the tutorial.
    connie #2909

  15. Thank you everyone, for the wonderful comments, and thank you Deborah, for inviting me to be a guest designer! It's a honor I will always cherish!

  16. what a super cute card.


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