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January 11, 2011


I have been waiting for this day for awhile now! You see, the number 111 and 1111 have been following me around for what feels like forever. It once would bug me, but now after doing some research I found that it is supposed to be a high spiritual number and hey, I'll take that :)

I am going to show you some pics I have taken to just give you a glimpse of what I mean. The pics are taken fast so they may not look too good but you'll get the gist.

Do you have a number?

P.S. My favorite Bible verse just happens to be Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Funny how the thing is that I am always seeing the number and how my verse is about something I am not seeing. Maybe I am not paying attention to something, but now when I catch the number (just about daily on everything) I say a prayer that God opens my eyes! Cool right???


  1. I guess it has been following you around! My daughter's favoriet time is 11:11...I'm not sure why. My favorite number has always been pops up a lot in history, in the bible and in my life, although I haven't taken pictures of it. It sort of comforts me when I notice it--since it's God's number, it makes me feel looked after and cherished. I enjoy coming to your blog so's always such an inspiration to me. If you get a chance, stop by my blog, One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity, and check out my current project, challenge and Design Team Call. I'm also hosting an I Have A Dream Blog Hop January 15-17. karelj at ksjennings at gmail dot com and

  2. very cool...
    did you know that 111 is New Zealands emergency number?

  3. these photos r so cool!! great post Deb! :) Happy 1-11-11!

  4. My fav number is 7, don't know why... Nothing of any importance has happened involving the number it just happens to be my fav... Maybe it's just not time for me to know yet why 7 is the number I am drawn to...

  5. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes open. I don't want to miss anything God has to tell me :)

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  6. That's so cool! I love all the photos and that 1's are following you around. :)

  7. Very cool !!! I dont really put much attention to my surrundings in that way, I guess that's the reason a never notice these things :(
    But I like the number 8 why? I don't now

  8. This is just so fascinating to me!!! Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


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