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January 12, 2011


I think for this month's challenge that Jeannie has shown us a great way to have one set of alphabet letters and get many uses of them. This way we can have them in all colors!

I have to be honest, this one was SOOOO hard for me. I just had no clue what to do for this. Then my son mentioned I should do words with my DYMO label maker and then do the crayon rubbing on that. I LOVED that idea until I realized how much TAPE it would use and thought NEVER MIND. Then I got these wonderful corrugated cardboard letters from a friend in the mail and then I knew, I could do this challenge.

I collect so many types of things, then I have them and I can't bear to use them, if I will have to give them away. For instance, on this layout, I used my TINY buttons and brads that I polka dotted on, my silly fruit buttons and other cutesy things. I had no problem using them because this is for ME. This layout is about my LOVE for COLOR! ALL COLORS! How could anyone possible have 1 favorite color?

Hope you like the layout!


  1. Love how colorful and whimisical this is! Love the shape of each of the "blocks" of papers you used - adds visual interest! And I notice that you did the colors of the rainbow and in the correct order too! Super cool!
    I have to say I do have a fav color and it's not even on your layout - LOL! My fav is brown :0)

  2. I love this its super colorful!!!! I love how bright it is.

  3. Awesome! Love the look! Love the look of the Blog!

  4. Great LO, I have never make and LO with out pictures!!! but this looks fun!!!

  5. I love this!!! So cool and I adore the bright colors!


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