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January 13, 2011

Trash Talk!!!

Someone recently said something to me that I have been giving a lot of thought to. Although I don't have the words verbatim it was something along the lines of "how can you be so into going green and tree hugging when you are a scrapbooker?". Well I know all too well how much trash we create when we have leftovers that we do not use and I really do save just about every scrap that I can for reusual. I always use my punches to have a stash of little embellies to add to my pages. I also keep a cardboard box of nothing but bigger scraps so that I cut a 12x12 as little as I can. Many of us are like that...right?

You ARE making cards and tags with your leftovers YES?

Well here is my latest way of using some scraps...

In this pic below I wanted to cut out my daughter's snow day pic to a smaller size than it was printed so I actually kept that comment from above in my thoughts and created a frame to go around her pic using what would have become clutter. Like it? Saved the Earth a little, repurposed my acid free trashola, AND made for an interesting, albeit somewhat unusual frame :)

*Try* to keep our planet clean, beautiful and friendly, it's groovy!


  1. I looooooovvvvvvve the color combo of your layout! And how awesome of you to use your scraps!! I try but I can never seem to make them work! Maybe I need to make that my next scrappy challenge for myself!!

  2. Great way to recycle...and what a fun LO

  3. That's very clever and I love the results! This layout is fun and pink is such a surprise for a snow day layout.

  4. fabulous!
    great colours too.

    Yes I re-use and re-use until it is literally trash but I always put paper in the recycle bin so it can be recycled commercially.

    I make cards, tags, embellishments with my little bits. And with the bits that are about 5x5 and up that I no longer want I either RAK them or sell them on online auctions. Usually in packs of 15 or more. ;)

  5. Great post! I save about 99% of my scraps and reuse them, too! I save all kinds of household stuff for albums, like toilet paper rolls, soup and pop tabs, foil from yogurt, old CDs, etc. But I am guilty of getting lazy about recycling the paper. I need to put trash in one and paper in the other and recycle better! I have been seriously thinking of RAKing my scraps and I am so glad to see that others do that too!

  6. i love this page deb! i am sometimes a my last home crop...i made everyone put there paper scraps in one bin on the table and garbage in another. of course the paper went into my recycle! i love this post! :)


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