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January 16, 2011

Fairy Cuteness!

It is with great sadness that I post this project being that it is the last from our Groovy Chick Jeannie, but I also as well as the other team members do wish her much success as she moves into new areas. You will be missed and here is a most beautiful send off made by Jeannie :)

We love you Girl! Best wishes, Deb♥

I will call this my FAIRY PROJECT in progress. I have had this ensemble done forever. I had the greatest hopes of mass producing these kits and putting them inmy ETSY store and making a fortune. Well after I got on kit all together, that was all I was making. This ensemble consists of: A custom made purse with a pocket that has a fairy in the vinyl pocket. The fairy is all paper pieced, by me. The fairy is called FAIRY ISABELLA, my wonderful friend and fabulous artist made this for my youngest when she was in the hospital in San Francisco, many hours from home. The artist is no other than the awesome Therese Travis. Look her up sometime and see her wonderful work.

Back to the ensemble: A purse, a notebook with attached pen, fairy decorated crayons, CD holder paper doll kit (handmade by me) and the grand finale, a scrabble tile necklace with a tiny version of FAIRY ISABELLA on it.

The hardest part of this was the CD paper doll kit. I just have not been able to come up with a way to make paper dolls and keep them Isabella proof. I laminate them to make them strong. But after laminating them, they are slippery and I have not come up with a way to attach the extra clothes that is doable for little hands. Adhesives do not stick to laminate, paper clips would be goofy. I can’t attach magnets since adhesive will not stick to the laminate.

In the middle of trying to finish this project, before Christmas, I had a FACEBOOK status about losing my marbles over my Paper Dolls. Now you are all in the know as to why I was losing it. I finally came up with the idea of attaching all the clothes and hats with strategically placed decorative brads. It looks cute enough, but my 3 year old can’t do them.

I decided to give up on making my life’s fortunes from CD paper doll kits. The whole adhesive issue did me in. If you are reading this post and have some genius way for me to make these dolls durable but still playable for a 3 year old (almost 4) princess, please let me know. She would love to play with them, but sadly I have not let her use them yet for fear the first play day will be the last for the CD paper doll kit.

So, the lesson from this post? Sometimes fabulous ideas take flight and are very successful and sometimes grand plans just do not work out the way we want them to, even in crafting, the crazy world we all live in. This is Groovy Jeannie reporting, I am going back to the drawing board on this one!


  1. beautiful layout
    sorry to see you go Jeannie

  2. The dolls are just adorable! I'll miss seeing you here, but will continue to follow your blog. As for the clothes...what about sticky backed Velcro (on the laminate). Good luck in all your crafty adventures.

  3. So cuteeeee!!!! love the fairy!!!!

  4. Kelly, Tried the velcro. Nothing sticks to laminate :) Thanks for the nice send of Deb. I will miss all you, that is a promise:)

  5. That page is adorable!!! I am going to miss you tons but you know how to get ahold of me so don't be a stranger!


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