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February 20, 2011


Great advice to follow given by Doreen this month. Notice her outlining? Have you tried that on your layouts?

Have a Heart Challenge
‘What is Love?’

When it comes to love, I instantly think of my kids. After all, what love is stronger than that of a parent and child? But I always scrap my kids, and although I love to do so, I realized I was neglecting the other love of my life: my hubby. So when this challenge came along, I decided to scrap a pic of him, but since they are so rare, I had to include myself in it (and unfortunately it is a very unflattering pic of me)! But sometimes, it’s not “all about me”… :o)

Journaling reads:
"I hate this picture of myself!
I have no make-up on, my hair is thrown back in a bun, I am dressed in my bummy clothes… I look awful!
So why did I scrap the picture you may ask? Well, because my hubby hates to have his picture taken, and this is one of the rare times he allowed it.
And I love him and want to show future generations what a handsome hubby I have.
So in order to allow him to “shine” I had to sacrifice and reveal this awful picture of myself.
If that isn’t love…I don’t know what is! "


  1. Nice layout..and what a beutiful couple picture...i don't think you look bad in it =)...but good journaling

  2. Really cute design, and I don't think it's a bad picture of you at all - you both look great!


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