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February 05, 2011

Say Cheese Mommy!

Heather certainly has her hands full with her boys. Are you in the similar situation with young children in the house? Why not fill a child's hands by putting a camera in his hands? Very interesting work will come out of it...

"Jackson ~ When I turn on the camera, I never know what pics I may find! With camera in hand, those gears in your head and mischief in your eyes, I get some great pics! I always enjoy getting a new perspective through your curious little eyes!"

The pictures on this layout is what inspired the whole thing!! The journaling above says it all!! My little man Jackson is always grabbing the camera when we are not looking. Sometimes we never know he has even had it! But when I turn on the camera, I see a bunch of pics that I did not take! Maybe he is a future photograher, maybe God has other great plans for him. Either way, these pics always give me a different perspective (granted a much shorter perspective) then how I normally look at these items on a daily basis! And, he actually is pretty good!!! Curious, rotten to the core and totally mischievous makes for some good pics taken by a 4 year old for mama to scrap!!! Love you Squirt!

So, hand over your camera - though I suggest staying close by! Let your kids take some pics of things that are important to them and then scrap them! If they are old enough, let them write out why they took pics of these items and what they mean to them! Then, tada, your journaling is even done!

Keep Smiling & Scrapping! ~ Heather


  1. i love this heather! so interesting to see what the kids will take a pic of when you give them the camara! sometimes my dd takes better pics then me!...loL! awesome page!

  2. Great Lo...and what a great idea!!!

  3. I love these type of layouts! I did the same type of layout w/ the pics my dd took at Christmas! It is such a cool way to see what interests them! Love the torn notebook paper for your journaling!

  4. I love how you used the gears on the page and then mentioned the gears turning in his head while he was taking pictures. So cute!


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