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March 18, 2011

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® Challenge: Darlene

Every now and then we just need to let out a big old fashioned cry! That's how I felt when I read what Darlene said below. A lovely lo and I am sure the words her daughter will read one day will be just as lovely for her. P.S. Doesn't she look just like Darlene???

p.s. She looks just like her beautiful mommy!!!

My little girl is getting so grown, too quickly. These pictures of her are from Summer ‘10 and I think she looks more like she is 5 years old, versus just 3! I cannot believe how fast time is really passing. She is making me old! LOL. ;)

I made a collage on a 4x6 print and arranged them in a way that I could admire them all in one spot. I used some Pebbles Treehouse papers and a big bunch of random flowers, brads, and even used a clear acrylic tag near my title. I made a folded pocket to hold a handwritten letter for my girl to read when she gets older.

I never paid much mind to people when she was still a baby, and they advised that I treasure the smallest things, even down to the sleepless nights, because one day I would miss them, and boy do I miss those days of her babyhood. One day, maybe when she is a mother herself (YIKES!!), she will realize how very dear she is to her mother, and how she always will be. :)


  1. Gorgeous! Sorry I do not visit more! I dedicated a project to you all today, if you have a chance to look:)

  2. Wow Darlene this is a B E A U T I F U L all the little details..and all those flowers

  3. Absolutely darling! Love the colors and flowers and that circle near the bottom!

  4. Adorable Darlene! These are such cute pictures!


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