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March 19, 2011

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® Challenge: Doreen

Grab the tissues because sitting on my lap right now is that very thing. For those who are oarents to more than one child you will understand as you read the words in Doreens letter, and I could not resist the feeling of sniffling when I read at the end of this story what Doreen mentions as her reward. Read on...Deb♥

I created my journaling for this challenge before I created the layout. I figured the journaling would be very difficult and once I got that down the layout would be easy-peasy! I was right!

My journaling is heart-felt, but nothing that I feel is so private I can’t share…here it is:

“As part of a Design Team challenge, I was told to write a letter to a special child.
As I tried to decide which of you I should write to I realized there is no way for me to choose. You are my children and I love you both very much!
It is true my love for you is different and that I love you for different reasons, but regardless, I love you equally.
I realize that for both of you there are times when you may not believe this to be true. Sometimes 1 of you gets away w/ more than the other, or 1 of you gets more time w/ me than the other…things like that. But I just want you to know that anytime that happens it is not because I love the other more. Being a parent is hard work. It’s hard for me to try to balance everything that needs to be done with everything that I want to do (like hanging out w/ you). And everyday is a learning process. Parents are not perfect; there is no instruction manual when it comes to raising kids. I have made mistakes and am going to continue to make mistakes. What you need to remember is no matter what happens I love you with all my heart and soul and am very thankful to have you in my life.

Love you,

I used my January kit. It was perfect for this layout because it had lots of pretty red and pink papers, which are the colors normally associated with love, and the title of the kit is “Love is All You Need”! Also, it had a cute envelope that I could slip my hand-written note into which worked so well since it was much too large to include on the actual layout.

I enjoyed writing the letter to my kids and when I gave it to them they both seemed to appreciate it. The presentation of the letter ended in hugs and kisses – the best reward EVER! :0)

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by the blog and for checking out my layout!


  1. OMG Doreen the journal is great I sure your kids will read this some day and be thankful for it!!! great colors and that envelope is so lovely!!!

  2. Doreen - Fantastic! Beautiful pages and absolutely wonderful heartfelt journaling!

  3. A really great layout Doreen. I love how you journaled first and then created your layout.

  4. Doreen, That is a great letter to your kids! Beautiful LO also!

  5. Great LO! and that message is so true. I tell my daughter those same things and it is such a blessing to be myself with my children about being a parent.


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