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March 28, 2011

Baby Fever!!!

Have you heard of Baby Fever? No? Well for those who have not, it is the desire to have a baby to hold in your arms once your own children have gotten bigger and don't "need" you so much anymore :(

My girls are 6 and 15 so they are at those stages and I am wishing for one more day to hold them as little infant babies who needed Mommy so much. Scrapbooking this lo of Katelyn made me think just how awesome that would be if we could go back in time. Would you?


  1. Cute layout!Love the pink journaling strips; very original!

  2. Deb- 2 words: Heck no!

  3. I would go back tomorrow! My eldest son was the easiest baby ever & although my youngest covered me in vomit everytime I fed him for the first month he was a good baby too. We are actually considering baby #3, however we are hitting the whole we're almost free stage.

  4. There is nothing in the world of holding & rocking an infant. You get a 2nd chance when you have grandchildren.

  5. awww so sweet! anytime ya want a baby fix let me know... lol! jen t.

  6. Very cute! If your in the mood for a very active toddler boy, it can be arranged. Actually I am sure Jen and I could get you both in one day!


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