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March 27, 2011

This sounds like an awesome idea if you need to add to your about me book! Good thinking Jen!

For all that know me well they know that I also have another hobby I am addicted too other than is vampire novels...I am not sure what the lure is but I have been reading them for over a decade. and so, I thought I should scrapbook it. When I saw this dark paper it just reminded me of one of the book covers that I had and then I matted the PIC in a bright blue pulled from the book title and added my title. Have you scrap booked your other hobbies too?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Well! I just don't know you well enough then, because I thought you ate, drank and breathed all only while scrapbooking! It is sort of a "dark" secret I guess!

    I do love the page and it is a great ideas to scrapabout hobbies that are not really event makers. Thank you for suggestion!

  3. Do I have other hobbies????? nope....but I planing on planting my own veggie garden this that a hobbie I think so and of course I'll take photos for scrapping =) ....beautiful pageeeee, love the big title

  4. Love it!!! Vampires are very sexy and interesting dark creatures! I totally understand why your drawn to reading about them! I have only read Twilight but have been interested in reading others. Your layout is fab! Love the PP... very victorian and perfect for the topic!

  5. I MUST scraplift this very soon! I love the pp and simple design! :))

  6. I love this! Definitely need to work on some about me pages. I tend to forget about me when scrappin'!


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