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April 16, 2011

Cooking with Michelle

I am pleased to show you another lo this month made by Michelle where her family is cooking together. These make awesome gifts for others when you include a recipe. Hoping you will consider doing one for a member of your family. It is so important to write down the recipes for those who will want them one day :)

This layout was just another part of the family Christmas Cookie Making Extravaganza. Since I started this layout and kept waiting for the hand-written recipe from my mom. The other half of my planned page somehow got lost. The funny thing is that I keep a 3-ring binder with all my works in progress pages. So, for this page I had to make changes in the previous planned layout. I had a cute plan that the first page of the layout would show the three workers busy working. While on the second page I would include the recipe and pics of my mom. My mom, who was on a break since she got side tracked by her granddaughter. I of course was the photographer and missing in the pictures. But again it is always the way!

For the layout I used solid Cranberry cardstock, which got trimmed down in the new plan. So, that I could include the recipe slot with another piece of patterned paper. Cut out the title with the Cricut and sanded the edges to show the white core of the tan cardstock. Tied a silver ribbon to each beginning letter, since you use Hersey's Kisses in the recipe. Matted all photos but the one placed cock-eyed.


  1. I love the way you got a pic of all the ingredients and then a pic of different steps in the cookie making process!
    BTW those look yummy!!!

  2. Those cookies look yummy!!! great LO michalle =)


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