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April 17, 2011

Silvana's Scrap Space

Scrapbooking and organizing go hand in hand don't you think? So often people will say that they have bought something before and then turn around and buy it again. Well sharing where we scrap is just as important I think is sharing what we scrap/ So, today Silvana would like to show us a view of her place. Enjoy!

In my new scrap area I still have a long to-do list, but one of the first things I did was to put some storage space in the wall so I can utilize that space,I need every little space I can get specially for storage since I don't like anything other that the essential things in my desk. I was looking for something cheap, so after some research I decide to go to Home Depot and get some brackets and some white shelves.... but once I got there in the closet section I saw these white stackable organizers for shoes which are just the perfect height for a photo storage box (3 x $5.00 at Michael's) which I was looking to put in the shelf in the first I got 2 ($9.00 each / cheaper than the price for shelves + brakets) and my DH installed for me in the wall I don't like the big triangular brackets but he said that I really need something heavy duty and these kind of brackets since I was putting a lot of boxes probably with heavy things on it =). I have lots of empty gerber baby food containers and after I peel the label and wash then put all my flowers sorter by colors in it (still in my to-do list paint the lids pink or silver with spray paint) I thinks this was a great solution to my flower storage problem =) Well girls I hope any of my ideas to make my scrap area a little more organize and neat have help you ={ and share with us some of your ideas


  1. i love your scrap space!! so organized!!! :)

  2. Wow, that is organized! Does it always look like that? LOL!
    I was once organized but now....not so much!
    Nice space!

  3. Great space! love the "fun" designs =)

  4. Thanks ladies and yes Doreen that is always organized =)....but don't ask me about the desk LOL that's another story


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