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May 03, 2011

What Color Are You? Challenge Groovy Deb♥

When I took the color quiz to come up wioth my color for this challenge I came up with orange and the next time I took it was red. SO I don't know how acurate these quizzes are but they are a lot of fun I think. So, having said that I did two layouts, one in orange and one in red :)

Here is my orange lo which shows me doing two of my fave things, taking pics (look closely to see my refelction) and the other wearing flip flops. I really wish I lived in a climate where the season for flip flops was every day!

Here is the red one which includes Zorry our black and white cat. Everytime I scrap a picture of him I think b/w! Such a classic color combo isn't it?
Thanks for coming by and don't forget to take our challenge and send to me at :)
Thanks, Deb♥

Shout out to my step daughter Kellie!!!
Happy Birthday!!! Love, ESM♥


  1. Both great layouts Deb! Love the mix of gold and orange in the first; such a vibrant layout! Love the playfulness of the second layout and the collection of squares of pp going across it! BTW because I live in Cali, I wear flip-flops most of the year! Jealous? LOL! ;0)

  2. Great layouts Deb! I love the reflection picture and Zorry does lend himself to black and white! BTW... As you know, I live in year round flip flop AZ and can't wear flip flops! I ruined my feet by going barefoot the entire time I live on my sailboat. Oh Well...

  3. love these pages deb! i am a barefoot and sandal whenever possible person too! :)


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