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August 23, 2011

Message On My Hand: Heather Round 3 :)

I have been on a weight loss journey! It took me 4 months but I have hit my first goal of 25 lbs lost!!! So . . . what am I doing to lose the weight? I am eating right and I am doing Zumba! I LOVE ZUMBA!! Not only am I sweating and losing weight and getting toned, but I am having a great time doing it and making lots of new friends!!

As you can see, I wrote Zumba on my hand . . . one letter of the word per finger! The shirt I am wearing is from the first 5k that I completed recently. I participated in Race for Grace with a bunch of my Zumba friends. Our instructors were one of the sponsors and their design is on the back of the shirt!

I must admit, I HATE TO RUN! Love to walk but have never liked running! But lately I have started mixing things up a little and have been putting some running in with my walking! I am actually starting to like it more and more! It's so much better with an ipod jamming in my ear while I run. And I love doing it with friends who not only encourage but also push me harder then I would push myself! Push through the pain!!! I even now chase my t-ballers around the bases . . . and can go around several times!

Why though? Why am I doing this? Well, of course, I want to look good! HAHA! But I also want to be able to play with my kids without being winded. I want to be healthy. I want my family to be healthy and I want to be their example!

So, let's not forget to scrap ourselves! Scrap the things you want to achieve. Scrap the things that matter to you. Scrap what's going on in your head.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Love the LO.

  2. good for you Heather! Keep it up! Zumba is fun...I heard there is a Zumba game for Wii (I think it's Wii) too.

  3. Way to go Heather! This is a great layout and inspires me to document my weight loss journey. Thanks!

  4. love this heather!!! perfect page!


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