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September 24, 2011

Postage Stamp Challenge: Sheena

I discovered by doing this project how few real stamps come on our mail these days. I think that is kinda of sad. I love my mail during the holidays with all those cheerful stamps. Since I didn't have enough postage stamps for my project, I made some of my own using a couple of "stamp" clear stamps. This is a great option especially if you would like your project to be archival.


  1. Very nice! I used to collect stamps as a kid- it's a shame that today's kids can't really do that. And if they did, all they'd get is a bunch of bell or flag Forever stamps and the rare something else.

  2. Beautiful sheena! I had a huge stamp collection as a kid...I gave it to my nieces...and now they collect stamps.

  3. Wonderful layout and I love the pocket! The stamps really add a great embellishment!


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