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October 04, 2011

Firsts with Viji

Here is a special time to share with Viji and her precious sweetheart as well as a great designing tip!

I love doing the first layouts! They are so special. The first bath, solids, haircut, out in the stroller! So many stories to tell...
Today I am going to show you a double page layout I did for my son's 1st Haircut! I love double page can get so many pictures on them! I usually don't print pictures smaller than 4X6. I try to crop them to a 4X4 if possible. Although, I am thinking of printing them at home in the future. So I can get different sizes. My layout is based on a sketch by Allison Davis. I forgot all about the certificate he got after his haircut. So as an after thought, I just added that to the layout. I usually pull the colors of my pattern papers based on the colors in the photos. That way they go well together. So, If the picture has a lot of yellow. I won't be using too much yellow based pattern paper. Just a bit, but try to bring out the other colors from the picture and one or two bold colors. I like to focus on the photo and not the papers. To select pattern paper, I would put my photos on the pattern papers and see if I get distracted by the paper or not. I hope you like my layout! Have fun crafting:)


  1. Nice! I love scrapping the firsts too.

  2. Love this layout, and the colors are perfect!

  3. adorable! I love 2 pg layouts as well, I want to use all the pics I've taken, lol. I like the color choices that you made.

  4. great 2 pager!!! jen t.

  5. Wonderful layout Viji! I like the way you cropped your photos and it looks like a fun day!


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