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February 05, 2012

It's in the Eyes: Heather

My little Jackson's eyes speak volumes. Every little thing he is thinking or feeling is expressed through his sweet little eyes. Because of that, I really wanted the focus of the layout to go straight to his sad, puppy dog eyes in this picture. This picture was taken right after he threw a huge fit . . . don't even remember what about now! The saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul is so completely true in his case!

I used Basic Grey's Oliver collection on this layout. A little doodling around the edges with a white pen just to help bring it all together and ta-da!!!


  1. This is Gorgeous!! Love the colors and patterns you chose to use.

  2. so cute, and awesome page design!

  3. love that you captured his expression after a "fit" we all have many of them smiling but this is part of their personality as well.

  4. Pretty papers! Love all your layering!

  5. This is a beautiful layout! I love how blue his eyes are, and Basic Grey has always been a favorite of mine! Fantastic job! Love Penny


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