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April 29, 2012

Follow Your Passions

Have you ever noticed how when you may be looking for your passions that you find yourself right smack in the middle of another person's? My oldest daughter found hers a few years ago when she tried out for the 6th grade school play and made it in. Each year since she has been in each play and this year she was the lead. Very exciting to witness her transformation and growth. Very exciting also to see her find her passion and grab on with both arms and both feet. I found that as she explores this that I too open up my mind again to plays, such as my last post was to the Patsy Cline play. There is something really special about watching a school play because we see the same children changing through the years and see first hand how they are becoming more of their art. I love it! Last night the school play performed was called Once Upon a Mattress and Kristen played her role as the queen. Although I still need to go through and edit pictures I am already giddy about scrapbooking them :) Thought I would share about the experience and a picture today of he r with her bff Michael who played her son. Have a great Sunday!


  1. How fun! My son did the same thing... In my elementary school, they do Shakespeare for 6th grade and every child has to be involved. My son was not happy when they gave him a part with 88 lines. All he wanted to do was work backstage, but during the auditions, he went out and rattled off a huge monologue from Monty Python and hammed it up so of course they wanted him for a leading role. I was not involved as I did not know parents could be at the time. The parent volunteer who was helping finally called me frustrated because he could not get my son to learn his lines. My son had just decided if he messed up they would replace him. I had a chat with him and told him he had to do the part and he could either do it well or basically ruin the play for everyone (I know it was harsh but that is the type of child he was - very stubborn). He went to school the next day, knew all his lines, and performed it perfectly! He has a photographic memory and a natural acting ability - he had just been trying to get out of it. So then, he discovered that he really loved it! He is now 20 and he devours Shakespeare, has performed in a few plays - not too many, he is picky :) - and he loves the theater and stagecraft. He took Stage crew in high school and that is his chosen profession. He is also artistically talented so he just wants to do anything having to do with theater, stagecraft, building and painting scenery, etc. Funny how that works out sometimes :)

    Looks like your daughter is having fun and her BFF is quite good at acting like a son who doesn't like what his mother is saying :)

  2. Congratulations to your "Queen". I hope you wore a stretch top, if not, your buttons might have popped - lol. My son performed with showchoir all 4 years of HS. I almost cried every performance. I miss those days. He is 32 and is 1/2 way through college , studying to be a teacher. Kids are awesome aren't they?

  3. Oh I love this photo! What fun to look back on and see all of those changes within her class! I have noticed the same for my grand kids classmates, watching them grow up right before my eyes! It's humbling! Love Penny


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