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June 27, 2012

Good Riddance Rubber Stamps

This is a mere portion of my rubber stamps that were sold the other day...I was so shocked when I counted the two lots that I sold and had almost 500! What?!?! I kept 5! My craft room is well on it's way to a new look! Do you have more stamps than I had? So curious!!!


  1. Wow - that is a lot of stamps! I have a basket full. Not too many.

  2. 500! You got rid of 495? Oh my... I have a lot but... Did you count each letter of the alphabet? Will let you know by the end of the week.

  3. Do I count acrylics too?

  4. i did count every alphabet, number, punctuation and everything else of course. They had to go!

    Acrylics do not count!

  5. Ummmmmm..... I'm not sure I should admit it..... I probably have between 1000 and 1500 wood mounted stamps. I am not going to count because they are not all in one place. I am busy this summer, removing the wood blocks, weeding out the ones I have no use for (hopefully a lot), and cataloging them. Many, many bags full were given to me when i was teaching because I always took a couple hundred stamps to classes so each person could have a choice. I cannot even fathom cutting back to 5. Good for you Deb!

  6. I need you to come here Deb, and help me purge! I have to admit that I have WAY too many stamps as well, that I really don't use often enough! The only thing that keeps me from getting rid of them is that the teacher's love borrowing them! Love Penny


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