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July 24, 2012

Now Up, Groovy Kid Becky

5 year old Becky wants us to know this about her project:

Becky's words:
When I made this page I was thinking about Bailey. I put things on the page that Bailey loves. Birthday Cakes, Sunny Days, Blowing Bubbles, Playing Outside. I made it with lots of glue.

Mom's breakdown:
Bailey is our almost 13 year old Black and Tan Beagle. He has been a subject of my scrapbook pages.
The things Becky put on the page that she thought Bailey loves is really Becky's Loves. She did just inform me that she likes blowing bubble when to dogs are outside to see if they watch them float in the air.
We have 2 indoor dogs, Bailey and Skipper. Skipper is another subject of scrapbooking, he is a Wheaten Terrier on paper. BUT We think he is a "Woodle" Wheaten Terrier & Poodle mix, since he is all Black! The famous dog "Benji" is a Wheaten Terrier to give you an idea. We also just before Christmas got one of Poppy's Sheepdog Pups her name is Maya. She spends most of the time outside. If the weather is bad or her barking gets out of hand, she has spotted quite a few Moose crossing the yard. So, she sleeps in her kennel in the basement.
Love that Becky got some design elements and layering mastered! Plus, she even signed her name to her work!
Now let's see what she has done ;)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing Becky! I love how your bright blue embellishments pop!


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