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October 25, 2012

Candy Corn, Yummy!

I know those of you with young children may have heard the song "I don't like Candy Corn!" when it plays on the kid channel at Halloween time. I have seen it for several years now, and I don't...but having said that...I think I like it now thanks to Heather ;) Deb♥

Heather said:
Well, I am sure ALL of you know about Pinterest by now!  So a few of my coworkers are definitely addicted.  Well, we decided to have a Pinterest day and make a few of our fave items that we have pinned.  These Trick or Treat blocks were chosen  by a coworker!!!  But we made them from scratch!

We actually cut 2x4's into the triangles with a power saw!  And sanded them with a power sander!  There is just nothing like women with power tools!!!!!!!!  After we cut and sanded three blocks per person,we painted them all black.  We then painted the layered candy corn colors.  After they dried, we sanded them just a little more just to let some of the black come back through and give that distressed look that our IIG followers know that I love!  Stenciled the words on it and we were done!!  All of this for less than $2!!!!  Only thing we had to purchase was the 2x4's!

So what will it be for you this Halloween?  The Trick? or The Treat?  I am definitely all about the treats!


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