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October 12, 2012

Groovy Kid Designer Becky...and Bubbles!

Becky's mom IIG Designer Michelle has this to say to preface Becky's project:

Three Summers ago. I took a class on Big Picture Scrapbooking, called "Kidding Around". The class was designed to use the Summer and scrap yourself along with your kids. Back that Summer, Becky and two cousin made the Flat Stanley paper doll. We did do some of the activities along with the class BUT never got to the scrapbook. We were only staying in Newfoundland for 2 months that Summer and returning back to USA.

So, this Summer we pulled out the binder we purchased. Becky made her scrapbook cover to place all of her creations in. To make the hand prints we used acrylic paint. Of course, her little brother wanted in too! He was working on his own paper, BUT wanted to be a "Little Bother!" as Olivia, the cartoon on Nick says. Becky quotes Olivia often...saying "Little Brothers!"

Then next page is where you place Becky's version of a Flat Stanley paper doll when she is not on a adventure. Becky named her Bubbles.

Becky wanted you to know: Currently she is on an adventure, BUT Mom says, "She is digging around in her scrapbook supplies!" Becky started taking her on some planned adventures BUT we are still working on making the scrapbook pages.

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