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November 17, 2012

Checking in with Kid Designer, Rosie

Rosie is back today with another lovely layout of her precious little sister.  Two sweet girls!

Rosie says, "I picked the title because Liberty is kind of like a cherry on an ice cream sundae.  But she is like regular cherries too - she can be really, really sweet but sometimes she is sour - like she can be mean sometimes too.  But she is a really good thing in my life and I love her."


  1. That is a really cute layout and story Rosie!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Tell her when she get older she will Even LOVE her more...:O)

  3. Great layout Rosie! Super cute and great title!! Someday you will be best friends!

  4. Really cute page Rosie! I am glad you love your sister even though she is not always "sweet!" Sisters are the best!

  5. Such an adorable layout!! You are so creative at your age! :)


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