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November 16, 2012

Kitties are Cute!

Awww! Look at Heather's kitty!

I have found someone (or should I say something?) that loves my Tim Holtz cases as much as I do!!! My cat Jazmin! When I open up my case to use my distress inks, Jaz has decided that the open case is where she should nap! I keep telling my husband that I want to have a little girl that will scrapbook with me . . . well, I guess I got her . . . because this is the closest I am going to get! lol


  1. CUTE! My daughters's cat Panini loves my scrappy stuff! She is always playing w/ my papers and pens and embellies...she even steals them and I find them later on somewher eelse in the house! But my favorite part is when she snuggles amongst my supplies to take a nap! I yell at her (playfully) to stop! But I actually really love it when she does that stuff! :0)

  2. Awwwww! My first Cocker Spaniel - Betsy - would sit in the window beside my scrappy table and look outside. She was the best lil' scrapping buddy ever.

  3. My Kitties do every thing with me too... ♥♥ Guess what we dont have to pay for them to go to colledge...HEHEHHE

  4. Jaz loves to get into my bakers twine as well and I will find it all over my scrap room!


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