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November 01, 2012

Hand-Cut Words Challenge:Groovy Deb♥

It's the start of a new month so I have challenged The Groovy Chicks to create layouts this month that have hand cut words. It is so easy to go and buy our favorite alphabet letters to use, or maybe cut them out on a Cricut, but I thought it would be fun to see hand writing in action across the pages! If you want to give this challenge a try just write a word or more if you are brave and cut it out to apply to your page. Here is mine:

I was "Looking Back" when journaling this layout so using "Back" was my choice of a hand-cut word. Give this a try, it is fun  to embrace your own handwriting, promise!


  1. This is a great LO and such a cool challenge.

  2. Nicely done Deb! Love that you also your journaling is handwritten. It is so hard for me to keep my letters/words in uniform after a couple of words. When I was younger it was was a piece of

  3. I love how you wrote the word "back" - it looks so great! I was so glad for the challenge b/c it really helps to show your own handwriting in the memories and the older I get, the more my hand shakes! Thanks for a great challenge! :)

  4. I love this challenge Deb and love what the DT has done with it. Your "back" really grabs the reader (or should I say looker" and fits so perfectly with the dyno strip for looking. Great layout and great idea!


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