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January 02, 2013

How to by Wendy

To celebrate our birthday month here at If It's Groovy, Wendy will be here over the next week with How To projects. We hope you will be inspired!

I have to admit, this was quite difficult until I got the hang of it.  :)

I used this to package up some cookies for the neighbors.

Using this template from the Cutter Bee Cutting System,  I used different shades of brown and tan...because I was baking chocolate chip cookies and they would

Here are the measurements I used using the template:
You will need 3 sheets of 12" x 12" paper to make a canister that is 8" high and 3" wide.

The canister measures 3" in diameter.
Start with a 12" sheet of card stock.
This will be the CENTER piece of your canister.
You can cut the paper ANY height you wish.  The height of the box will not change the diameter.
I decided to make mine 8" high, for lots of cookies.

Using the other 2 sheets of paper, cut 2 circles that are 4" in diameter.  This will give you an edge to score and fold around the center piece.  Inside of each circle, score a line 1" inch from the edge.  Cut small tabs to make folding easier, as shown in the diagram.

Adhere the circles to the CENTER pieces using the tabs.  Add some ribbon around the sides to hide the tabs.

I added a bit more ribbon and some cookie cut outs.  Then I decorated a small gift tag.  Make sure you wrap the cookies before you put them inside.  :)

I hope you like it!

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