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January 04, 2013

How to by Wendy

From Wendy:

Here is an easy idea for mini gift boxes using a scoring board.

This gift box measures 2" x 2" and is 2" deep.

Using this template, here are the measurements I used:

Start with  2 sheets of 6" x 6" papers.
I used plain white papers because I needed LOTS of mini boxes.  :)

On one sheet (the bottom), score lines at 2" on all four sides of the paper.
Cut small notches in the spots noted in the diagram, to make small tabs for easier folding.
Fold on all of the scored lines.  Adhere the small tabs to each other and adhere the sides to the tabs.

For the second sheet of paper (the top), score lines at the 1.75 marks on all 4 sides.  This will make the top just a tad larger to fit right over the bottom. 
Follow the same folding instructions for the bottom piece.

I filled each box with lots of fun Christmas candy.  Then I added some ribbons and some foam snowflake stickers to each box.  The ribbon was 50 cents at Michael's and the foam snowflakes were about $1 for 100. 

I made 55 of these boxes in about 2 hours.  Filled, decorated and ready to go to school for class parties. 
So fun and the kids LOVED them! 

1 comment:

  1. These are really cute! I want to make these for a baby shower.


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