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March 14, 2009

Celebrating Sisters Donna and Nancy

Since I have sisters I cannot put one ahead of the other or there might be hard feelings, lol. So, I decided to celebrate them both on the same message :) See how nice I am?

This is the funniest picture of Donna back in 1989 when we went to Kings Dominion and since she had the guts to where these pants I decided to celebrate her for that one...did I mention that I had them before here? Yeah I did not think so, haha! THANK goodness styles change...a lot!

As for the other sister Nancy here is one of her looking pretty daggone goofy too so I decided to celebrate her lack of inhibition to wear something a little "out there"...not her fault though because we threw her a little birthday bash when she turned 50 and "made" her where the red hat ;) Aren't we nice? What can I say it's a southern thang!

1 comment:

  1. "The Other Sister" huh....No meaning to the movie right?


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