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October 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home with Heather

It's funny that when I first received this challenge from Groovy Deb, I hadn't a clue why people would want to come to the town that I live in. Though it's much bigger then the town I grew up in (and much more shopping options), it just doesn't seem like there is much to do.

So I decided to change it up a bit and do a layout on my hometown . . . the town that I was born and raised in. The town that I visit often (only 20 minutes away). The town that I hold many dear memories of. That town is Fairmount, Indiana. Never heard of it? I am not surprised! However, I bet you have heard of the actor, James Dean. Yup, he was born and raised (just like me except several years difference) and buried in Fairmount, IN. Oh yes, and of course you know Garfield, everyone's favorite lasagna eating cat! Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, is also from Indiana. So, I took the 2 things that most people know Fairmount for and used that as my pic. This Garfield dressed as James Dean actually stands outside the Fairmount Historical Museum.

But of course I have many other reasons for loving this town, besides the Annual James Dean Run festival and car show that is held every year the last weekend of September - the same weekend that James Byron Dean died back in 1955. In fact, I decided to do my journaling on the reasons I visit Fairmount. A few of the reasons: the Madison-Grant Argylls (a scottish warrior); a town where you can still let your kids ride their bikes all over town without having to worry about them . . . as long as they are still in by dark or call from a friends house to check in; where your friends from elementary school are still your best friends 30 years later; where everybody knows your name . . . and everything about you whether you want them to or not! haha; but most importantly, because that is where a lot of my family still reside.

Bet you didn't know that when you opened up IIG today that you would also get a history lesson! haha!! Hope you enjoyed my short little walk back through time and why I will always call this my hometown, even if I don't currently live there!


  1. I love this! Very creative way to showcase your hometown.

  2. What a fun hometown! Love the Garfield ;) The journal strips are such a great idea!!!

  3. I bet there are plenty of reasons to visit your current town. I've had a blast playing tourist in unlikely places!

  4. Oh I so love Garfield! Very cute layout!


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