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January 08, 2013

How To by Wendy

It's Day 2 with Wendy! Enjoy!!!

I found this quick and easy template on how to make a gift bag.  I'm so glad I have so much Christmas scrapbook paper!  See, hoarding papers can be a good thing!  :)
I used this template and these measurements:

I used a 10" x 12" sheet of paper to start.
Starting with the 12" side, score these following measurements:

On the 10" side, score a line 1.5 inches along the whole length.
Cut small notches on the indicated spots to make folding a little bit easier.

Fold along all the scored lines, and adhere the 1" side to the last 1.5 inch side.  You should now have a rectangular shape. 
Fold in all 4 pieces of the bottom and adhere. 

Finally, punch small holes at the top of the bag and thread some ribbon ( I used twine).  Tie the knots on the inside of the bag so they don't show. 

I stuffed a small sheet of tissue paper inside and hid a gift card. 

I hope you like it!

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